Travel Blog

The blog is about the experiences I had through my photography. I have been traveling in India for as long as I remember. I spent my growing up years in different Indian cities from the North of India to the Central region of the country. This travel blog will hopefully provide you background and understanding of multi-layered cultures of India.

My job made me travel to places i could not have imagined. I got to explore small towns and villages and gave me an opportunity to understand local traditions and cultures. This was the basis of my appreciation and liking for experiencing small towns and villages. Indian urban cities never make sense to me, but that for another time.

This travel blog covers my experiences from north India to East India to Central India to South India. The blog is not a cliche routine travel blog only focusing on destinations you may notice. The travel blog is more about experiences, the connections I had during my travels to India. Same thing you will notice in Nepal and Bali series of travel blogs.

The travel blog will take you to India, Nepal and Bali. I have made two trips to Bali in last two years, a month each on both occasions. I am sure travel blog on Bali will provide a cultural background of the place. I feel one needs to understand a place before one sets foot on it. this understanding goes beyond the top 5 hotels, cafes kind of articles. Nepal i visited in 2019 and i am soon going to visit again in 2020.

Please enjoy these experiences and if you could relate to them spread the love around.

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