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Hi! I am Amit Kagra

“What I do with my time and what I do for money are completely different things”

Being surrounded by nature brings out the happy soul in me. I am a Travel photographer with a decade of life as a practicing, traveling to villages as a rural communications consultant.  As a travel photographer, focus remains on creating soulful visuals that can touch human heart. Fortunate to be part of India’s largest rural retail chain and a rural consultancy firm in a short span of time. My work took me to the vast countryside and I was fascinated by the rustic nature of the hinterland.

Special mention in Emerging Talent Awards, 2017 conducted by Lensculture.

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For the creative artist, tools are very important. I started with Canon 600D or Rebel T3i. Now I have shifted to Fujifilm xT20 and I am in love with this camera. I also use Huawei P20 pro for my smartphone photography. This is such a powerful camera phone. I now do most of the street photography with this beast of a phone.

“Here to seek, to experience and to share”, I am always looking for a human interaction. Please feel free to get in touch and share ideas.



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